Recruit Mint

At Recruit Mint, we believe that it's people who make the difference between a satisfactory business and a great business. While most recruitment firms aim for 'good enough' when it comes to selecting your staff, we know that this approach doesn't really cut it. We regard every appointment as bespoke. That's why Mark, Aaron and the rest of the Recruit Mint team speak at length with employers to find out their exact needs - not just the job specs, but company ethos, values and group dynamics.

We also spend as long as we need with candidates, getting to know their strengths and weaknesses, and working with them to ensure their CVs truly reflect their skills. That means we only ever recommend people who know are the right match for the position. A happy, motivated new staff member who fits in perfectly, and is ideal for his or her new role. Time saved in the initial recruitment - and further down the line as the employee stays to become a valued part of the company.