The Training & Recruitment House

Whether You are a Company needing to recruit staff, or You are someone who strives to achieve higher, or if You simply want to ensure that Your Company is fulfilling its Legal obligations, then You have come to the right place!

Since 2010 The Training and Recruitment House Ltd has been offering Training Courses, Recruitment Services and Consultancy Services for people who want to secure work or for Businesses who want to recruit the right people for the right jobs, ensure that they are Trained and that Policies and Procedures are in place to protect their staff and their Company.

If You are a Company looking to invest in training for Your employees then we can help You. If You are a Business Leader seeking to ensure Your staff are up to date with current Legislation then we can help You too. And, if You are someone looking for a new job or are seeking ways of improving Your CV and chances of employment, then You too have come to the right place!