Timewise Jobs

The world of work is changing. People, and businesses, are beginning to see that the traditional 9-5, five days a week isn't the only way of working. Sometimes flexibility can work just as well. Or even better. Timewise Jobs is here to help skilled candidates meet forward-thinking employers who value their talent, and who are open to part time or flexible working arrangements. Timewise jobs specialises in 'quality' part time jobs and flexible jobs across a wide range of business sectors.

You can find flexible work at a level that reflects your skills and experience, as well as giving you the balance you want in life. You can browse for your ideal part time job by role - for example in finance, marketing, HR, admin & secretarial. You can also narrow your search by region, salary or hours per week - or even look for term time jobs or those with options to work from home. You'll also find jobs on our website that are 'full time with flexible options'.